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The Most Needed Vitamin In America

The story began over fifty years ago with two struggles happening at the same time: a father struggling against the pains of death for his life and a son struggling to live inside the womb of the wife who was standing in the middle of these two struggles. The father lost his struggle to live, while the son was born months later with their paths having never crossed.

Th is plague that I speak of is the condition of “Father Deficiency,” which is also referred to as FD. Father Deficiency (FD) is a new concept for many. I coined this term to include not only those who were fatherless, but also to include those whose fathers were present yet absent. FD is best summed up by understanding the definition of “deficiency.” The World Book Dictionary (1994) defines deficiency as, “a lack or absence of something needed; incompleteness:” In short, father deficiency includes all who did not receive everything that they needed or required from a father.

Th is book will “inspire” one to “perspire” by diligently working the 29 steps given in “Father Deficiency” to attain the wholeness and healing that everyone deserves. I pray that you will join me and the thousands of faithful warriors who have been fighting this plague for many years.
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